What Our Clients Say

Hello! My name is Chance, and I’m an Aussiedoodle. I live in Virginia. My owner is allergic to dog fur, so he and his family are really happy I came to live with them. I’m happy about that, too.

Another reason I’m happy is that they finally took me to a great person when I needed grooming – Michele Zinser or, as I call her, Ms. Z. (I give everyone nicknames.)

You see, before we met Ms. Z, my owner and his family would let my hair grow and grow. It would get matted and I would really look like a shaggy dog. They didn’t know where to take me. And they weren’t nice to me.

I want you to know that I REALLY HATED THAT! Not only was it creepy, twice the groomer shaved me! He blamed it on my owner and his family. He said my hair was so matted, he had to shave it all off. Even if that was true for one time, it wasn’t true the second time when he trimmed my hair so short it was just plain ugly. I really felt like a different dog. I was shy and quiet for days afterward, and sometimes I wasn’t even hungry.

Then, my owner and I met Ms. Z. I liked her right away, and I could tell she liked me. I jumped for joy when I found out her job: She’s a DOG GROOMER! I think my owner nearly jumped for joy, too.

One week after we met, Ms. Z. groomed me. I felt so wonderful. She was gentle and kind. It was easy to relax with her, because I trusted her. She got out my mats without shaving me so I can prance and show off my beautiful coat.

These pictures were taken about one month after I spent the day with her. I sure wish my owners had taken pictures as soon as I came home after she worked her magic on me, because I looked and felt TERRIFIC. I think I still look pretty handsome even one month later.

I am sure your dog will love Ms. Z, too, and I know you will be happy with how she makes your pet look. I’m sorry she doesn’t live in Virginia any more, but I know you’ll be glad she lives near you in Arizona.

And, when you see her, please tell her I said “hello”.

"Dear Michele,

We stocked, packed, pushed , pulled and all around worked our tails off to make the first annual Empty the Shelter event awesome!

We couldn't do what we did without your help and thank you so much for providing your grooming services prior to the event.

You've all been asking and the stats are in:
  • We had over 300 kids and adults in attendance!
  • We adopted 204 dogs and cats!

We are sincerely thankful for the many ways you have helped make our event successful.

Yours truly, AAWL & SPCA Staff

"We LOVE Finn's hair cut!!!!! We could not be more pleased with how he looks but more importantly how wonderful you were with him.....He sat by the door for 15 minutes after you left!!!!! Thank you again!!!"

- Kimberly
Fountain Hills, AZ

"Thanks so much for taking care of Abbie and Aimee for us yesterday. They look beautiful. Thought you might enjoy seeing this short video of the girls. Have a great Christmas. See you in the new year."

- Diane

Rio Verde, AZ

[This note was forwarded from Bella's House and Pet Sitting after they had referred Sudz 'N Style to their customer for an emergency grooming due to pet "intestinal issues".]

"Dear Bella,
THANKS A HUGE BUNCH for helping in time of crisis re; Portia's 'bottom' ! Michelle's mobile grooming service to the rescue; Charlie said everything and everyone was and is just fine now! Michelle was really nice and helpful - and Portia looks ( and smells ) wonderful now !!! Thank you so much for stepping into the situation and assisting ! And we will thank Michelle, personally !

- Deni and Ken
N Scottsdale, AZ

"Dear Michele, Thank you so very much again !!! I don't know what we would have done ! Poor Charlie was in such a 'state' as was , of course, poor Portia! Charlie said you were really great and really helpful ! So thank you so much for attending in this 'emergency' !"

- Deni
N Scottsdale, AZ

"Hi Michele, just wanted to say thanks again for the the great job on Smoke - and I think he's very happy too to be rid of all that fur!"

- Cathy S
Fountain Hills, AZ

"Michele, Maddie looks beautiful! You did a great job. Thanks again!"

- Peggy H
Scottsdale, AZ

Voice message from Lonna O.:

“Hi Michele,
You did our dogs Bear and Switch today. I just wanted to call and thank you and tell you what an absolutely wonderful job you did on them. It was exactly what we were looking for and I will definitely be call you again for appointments every 3 to 4 weeks, whatever you think would be best for their coats. Again, I just wanted to thank you. We really are very happy with what you did.”